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While vacationing in Florida, I visited a nature Preserve in Homasassas Springs and learned the plight of the Manatee... It seems the population of this creature is dwindling and so they are a protected species. In spite of the efforts of environmentalists, the animal has not bred well in captivity and its numbers are dwindling.

This odd looking creature is docile and trends to get run over by boats.  It's lumbering size and freakish looks have caused some to assimilate an air of "Lovability" to this beast...which is also known as a "Sea Cow"...due to similarities that some see to a land cow.

I was touring an exhibit where they had a glass wall under a pond and you can watch these chubby monsters float around and chew on sea was lunch time and I was a little hungry...

Then it hit SAVE the Manatee we must EAT the Manatee!!!

It will start out as a delicious, pricey delicacy...  (If people eat Sushi they'll eat anything).  I draw the analogy of the American Buffalo... once endangered and now plentiful.  Once there was incentive to breed and convert to a marketable meat the Buffalo flourished.

This website is dedicated to enlightening the U.S. about this valuable resource, and a way to truly SAVE the Manatee. To help the cause, please send $20.00 for a copy of my new book:

"The Manatee Cookbook" which is a combination of the philosophy of this movement and a treasure of excellent recipes that substitute Manatee meat (if it becomes legal to harvest).

We eat Land Cows...why not Sea Cows? With the incentive of profit, farmers and ranchers will use technology to breed and sell the Manatee, thereby SAVING the species.

If you LOVE the Manatee so'll REALLY love to EAT the Manatee!

Send for the:
Official Eat the Manatee Cookbook.$20.00 ..and to spread the word, we offer:

Official Eat the Manatee T-Shirt - $25.00

Official Eat the Manatee Hat - $15.00

Official Eat the Manatee Bumper Sticker - $3.50

A portion of all proceeds will be used to lobby Congress to lift protections and allow us to SAVE the Manatee!!!

Please send orders and comments to:

Eat Manatee
PO Box 300
Marshalls Creek, PA 18335-0300